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17 1860s 1870s 1880s 1890s 1900s 1910s 1915 1917 1919 1920s 1930s 1940 1940s 1950s 1960s 1970s 1980s 1990s "1st ww" 2000s 2010s 737 737qc 747 747400 767 "7th reinforcements" "a company" abstract accessories advertising adze "aero club" agriculture "agriculture agricultural equipment" "air new zealand" aircraft "aircraft component" "airline bag" "airline flag" "airline seat" "airline seat cover" airlines airplane airport airtourer alberton "alfred buckland" anatomy "andrew ross" animal animals "animals fauna" ansett "ansett airlines limited" "ansett new zealand" anzac apricot apron aquatic "ara friendly society" aranui architecture army art "art and design" "artists family" astronomy atb atc athletics auckland "auckland central station" "auckland infantry battalion" "auckland mounted rifles" "auckland transport club" "auckland weekly news" audiovisual auster austin australia automobile aviation "aviation uniform" avondale awards awatere babies baby "baby gown" backyard badge bag "baggage tag" balderston bank "banking money" banknote "banks peninsular" beach beads "beer mug" belgium belt bennett bible bird birds black "black and white" "blanche buckland gorrie" "blanche lush" blanket blouse blue boat boeing "boer war" bone bonnet book books bootmaking boots bottle bottles bowl bowmar box bra brass "bream tail" bridge bridges "bristol 170" "broderie anglaise" bronze brookes brown browne brush building buildings "buildings and structures" bullock bus "bus collection" business "business and retail" butter "butter pad" button buttons "bw print" c130 "cabin bag" calico camera cameron camisole camp camping "canadian mug" canterbury cap cape captain car card cards carnival carpentry "carte de visite" cartograph carving case "catlins area school" "catlins river" celebration centaurus centennial ceramic ceramics certificate chair chart cheese chemise child "child mortality" children "childrens toys" childrenswear childs china "chinese associations" christchurch christening christmas church cigarette cinemas "civil defence" "civilian aviation" "ck mills" "classique shape" cleaning "cliff tait" clock clothes "clothes fashion" clothing "clothing accessories" "clothing and accessories" "clubs groups and societies" "coal mine" coalmine coaster coat coathanger coin "col morrow collection" collar colonial "colour transparency" comb commemorative "commemorative coin" communication "communication artefacts" compass competition "computer peripherals" computing conservation construction container cookery cooking copper correspondence costume cotton "cotton thread" coupe "coupe shape" cover crane cream crew cricket crochet crocheted crockery "cromwell hotels" "cross stitch" cullen cup cups curtiss cutlery "cylindrical monster mug" dairy dairying damask dargaville dc10 dc3 dc8 "de havilland" "decorative objects" delahanty depot "destination blind" dh86 dh89 diary "died of wounds" "disasters including floods and fires" dish display "distribution transportation artefacts" "documentary artefacts" dog doilies doll dollhouse "dollhouse accessories" "dollhouse furniture" "domestic chattels" "domestic life" "domestic residence" "domestic technology" "domestic textiles" dominie "dominion road" "door knob" douglas dowson doyley dress dressmaking drill "drinking glass" "drinking vessels" dunedin "e company" earplugs ecru eddie education egypt electra electra10a ellingham embroidered embroidery emergency "empire class" enamel engine engineering "engineering services" england entertainment ephemera events "events and parades" expressionist f27 fabric factory fairfield family "family tree" fan farming fashion fashions feather felt "female portraits" ferrymead fiji "fire and emergency services" "fire engine" "fire service" "first aid" fishing flag flax flight floods floral flowers "fluted shape" "flying boat" "flying school" fokker folder food foote footwear "forage cap" ford forestry fork forma "forma shape" fossil france frankton friendship fur furniture gallipoli gamble games garden "gender roles" genealogy geometric "gift set" girl "girls education" glass glenbrook gloves gold "government gardens" gown "graphic documents" green grey gum hair "hair brush" hairbrush hakaru hamil "hand thrown" handbag handcraft handkerchief handmade harbour hastie hat hawera heads headwear health "health and hygiene" "health and medicine" "hei tiki" helensville helmet henderson highlights history hogan holder home "home guard" horse horses hospital "hospitals medical health" hostess hotel "hotel jug" hotels house "household textiles" houses housework howell howick "howick historical village" hughes huia "human figure" huntly ibm industrial "industrial heritage" industry "industry and manufacturing" "inflight amenity kit" ink "interior design" international iron ironing island italy jacket jackson "james reddy clendon" japan "jean batten" jewellery journal jubilee jug kaipara kaiwaka kaukapakapa kauri kawakawa khaki "killed in action" king kit kitchen "kitchen utensil" "kitchen utensils" knife knitting kodak kohimarama label lace lamp landscape landscapes landscapesbeach "landscapesregional landscapes" "landscapesregional landscapestasman landscapes" "lapel pin" "last tram" laundry "laundry equipment" lawn leather "les downey" "lesley buckland gorrie" leslie letter light lighting linen locomotive logging logue "luggage tag" "lyttelton harbour board" "machinery and tools" "macrobertson international air race 1934" magazine "main body" maintenance "male portraits" mangawai mangawhai "mangawhai heads" mangere "mannering and associates" manual maori map "margaret edith lush" maritime matakohe "mataura borough council" "mataura bridge" "mataura businesses" "mataura celebrations" "mataura clubs" "mataura dairy factory" "mataura domestic life" "mataura falls te au nui" "mataura farming" "mataura freezing works" "mataura freezing works employees" "mataura military" "mataura paper mill" "mataura paper mill employees" "mataura people" "mataura river" "mataura school" "mataura sports" "mataura sports clubs" "mataura township" "mataura weddings" match matchbook matchbox matches "maud buckland" maungaturoto "mcleod brothers" meakin "mechanics bay" medal medals medical medicine men merpati metal "middle east" military "military world war one" "military world war two" "military aviation" "military records" milk mills mining miscellaneous "miss jacy" "mixing bowl" model moir molesworth money mooney morgan morningside morrow motat "motion picture theatres" mountains "mounted rifles" mourning "movie theatres" mug museum "museum of transport and technology" music "musical instruments" muslin māori nac napkin "national airways corporation" "natural history" "natural science" "navigational equipment" navy necktie nelson net "new zealand" "new zealand flying school" "new zealand rail" "new zealand railways" "new zealand rifle brigade" newmarket newspaper nightgown "north auckland mounted rifles" nurse nursing nylon nz "nz aero transport" "nz post office" "nz railways" nzr oil olsen "on tour" "opening day" opua orange organic organisations otago otamatea "otamatea mounted rifles" "other documents" otiria owaka "owaka district high school" "owaka football club" "owaka river" pacific pahiatua pahiatuamuseumsociety painting "palm springs" "palmerston north" pants paparoa paper passengers patea pattern patterns "peace day" pen pencil people "people and families" "personal artefacts" "personal effects" pets petticoat pharmacy photo "photoceramic plate" photograph "photographic equipment" photographs photography picnics "picton street" "picture theatres" "pillow sham" pilot pin pine "pine decoration" pink pioneer pioneers plane plate "playing cards" plunket "plunket shield" police "polish camp" "polish children" porcelain port portrait portraits portraitsfemale portraitsmale "post office" "postal services" postcard postcards poster pot pottery pow print printing "printing published material" project "projection room" "public hall" pukekohe purple purse qantas "qantas airways limited" "qantas empire airways limited" "qantas new zealand" "queen street" radio raf rail "rail transport" railway "railway cup" rashleigh razor receipt record recreation red "red cross" regatta "regional landscapes" reid religion "religion and belief" ribbon "rim shape" river rnzaf road "road transport" "roll of honour" "rolled edge coupe" rome rose ross roundtheworldflight "royal albert" rsa ruawai rugby runner ryan s42b safeair sampler sandringham sarah satin saucer saw sawmilling scales scarf school "school reunions" schools scotland sculpture sea "sea scout" "seat cover" serviette "serving dish" settler settlers sewing shape "shape 25" shaving shawl shell shepherd ship shipping shipwrecks shirt shoe shoes shop shops "side plate" sign signal sikorski silk silver sinclair skilton skirt "sleep mask" slide smith smoking "smoking accessories" "smoking accessory" soap "soap collection" "social history" "social occasion" sock socks soldier soldiers solent "south africa" "southern alps" souvenir souvenirware spectacles spoon sport "sport and leisure" "sport and recreation" sports "ss manuka" staff station steam steel stewardesses stewart sticker stirrer stockings stoke stole stone store "studio photography" suffrage125 "sugar bowl" suit "survey tool" surveying "surveying navigational te" suva swimming "swizzle stick" sydney table "table runner" tablecloth tableware taffeta tag tahiti "tall hotel cup" tara "tasman empire airways limited" tatting "te arai" tea "tea cosy" "tea set" teacup teal teapot teaspoon telecommnuication telephone tennis textile textiles thames theatre thwaites ticket tie timber timekeeping timmins tin tobacco toilet toiletries "toiletry bag" tomarata tool tools "tools equipment for materials" "tools equipment for science technology" toothbrush toothpaste tourism towel toy toys tractor trade training tram trams tramways transport transportation travel "travel wallet" tray "tray cloth" trees trolleybus trophies trophy trousers truck tunnel tutin tuturau underwear uniform "uniform badge" "uniform jacket" "uniform necktie" "uniform tie" "uniform trousers" uniforms "union airways" "union steamship co" vancouver vase vehicle velvet vest "vicesimus lush" vickers victorian village viscount wairere waistcoat "waitakere city" waitemata wallet wallis "walsh brothers" war washing water "water transportation accessories" "water transportation equipment" "watered silk" watson watts waverley wedding weddings "weighing measuring" wellington wellsford "west auckland" whangarei wharf wharfe whenuapai white "white ferns" "whites aviation" wilson wilton "winnie forsyths" wintle women womenswear wood "wood chopping" woodworking wool workshop "world war 1" "world war i" "world war ii" "world war one" "world war one servicemen" "world war two" worsfold wounded wright writing "writing equipment" ww1 ww2 wwi wwii yates yellow ypres zkaml zkamm zkamn zkamo zkcxu


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