Recorder, Racal International Recorder ICR32; Racal; 1960-1969; Unknown number


Recorder, Racal International Recorder ICR32

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This recorder, known as an International Call Recorder or ICR, is one of a pair used to record on the distress frequency. The tapes were swapped daily, with each tape recording twenty four hours transmission. The ICR series of voice loggers recorded multiple tracks of narrow bandwidth analogue signals, typically 300Hz to 3,400Hz, linearly onto magnetic tape. The number of hertz (abbreviated Hz) equals the number of cycles per second. Often the recording would be accompanied by an analogue time code signal. The tape moved slowly past the recording heads, and a reel of tape would normally last for 24 hours. As an added fail safe, recorders were normally operated in pairs, therefore, if one failed the other would start recording.

The introduction of magnetic tape in audio equipment in the early 1950's dispensed with the need for manual operation and the automatic storage and retrieval capacity made the system quicker and more efficient.



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Europe, United Kingdom, England, Hampshire, Hythe

Medium and Materials

inorganic, processed materials, metals, copper
inorganic, processed materials, metals, steel
inorganic, processed materials, metals, aluminium
inorganic, processed materials, plastic
organic, vegetal, processed materials, paper


h 550 mm x w 500 mm x d 490 mm

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Communication (including Diaries and Letters)

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Unknown number

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