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1913 Excelsior 7-C

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The Excelsior Motor Manufacturing and Supply Company of Chicago, Illinois, began production of a belt-driven, single-cylinder motorcycle in 1907. However, the company was acquired by bicycle manufacturer, Ignaz Schwinn, in 1911 and he oversaw the production of the company's first V-twin model, the 7-C. Its 61ci (1000cc) motor was based on the same components used on the single and the company rated the twin at 7hp to 10hp although asserted that it could develop much more 'under favourable circumstances'.

The inlet-over-exhaust design used was popular at the time because it allows the incoming fuel charge to cool the exhaust valve. Ignition is by magneto and fuel is supplied by a Schebler Model H carburettor. Lubrication is 'positive and automatic' being fed via the right main bearing through the flywheel to the crank pin and then thrown to the cylinder bores, pistons and a collection well from which it reaches the left main bearing. Final motor drive on early models was via a belt but the 1913 model features a clutch and chain final drive as well as the pedal and chain drive for starting purposes. The front forks are a cradle type with a vanadium steel leaf spring.

The standard paint finish was seen on this example, being Excelsior Grey with maroon bordered red panels and blue and gold pin-striping. All exposed metal except the crankcase was heavily nickel plated and hand buffed. For an extra $30 the purchaser could have a speedometer, a Prest-O-Lite acetylene gas tank, nickel-plated brass front and rear lamps, and a specially designed Excelsior front lamp and tank bracelet.

This example was purchased new by a Dr. Fenner in Seattle, Washington. It was fully restored between 2005 and 2007 by the third owner who purchased it from Dr. Fenner's son. It was acquired for the NZ Classic Motorcycle collction via a US auction house in January 2009. Transport World purchased it in May 2016.


Excelsior Motor Manufacturing & Supply Company

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