Goggles, WWII desert; S.L.M; 1942; RA2018.046


Goggles, WWII desert

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A pair of the elliptical S.L.M. goggles issued to Commonwealth troops in North Africa in WWII. Use when travelling in dusty conditions or during sandstorms.
The lenses are a single layer of green/amber tint laminated glass. The lenses are said to enhance the contrast of tracer fire in bright sunlight. These google have the cheese grater vents around the aluminium frame. The frames coated with a washed of brown lacquer. The edge of the goggles are lined with black velvet padding. The eye section are joined together by a leather centrepiece bridging the nose. On each side of the eye section is a cotton strap. The strap length is 410 mm so that the goggles are able to be tie around the helmet when not in use.

A tin case was supplied with the goggles which was ideal for carrying in a pocket. The cases were polished steel, with an instruction transfer applied to the lid and then clear lacquered over top. The inside of the case is lined, both lid and base with green velvet. The information on the case lid reads as following.

"Instructions - wrap the tapes (flat) very carefully round the goggles before placing in case so as to protect the surfaces against damage by sand or grit. Clean gently with a very soft cloth or sponge."



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Medium and Materials

Goggles: laminated green/amber glass, leather, cotton straps, aluminum
Tin" Steel, cotton velvet fabric

Inscription and Marks

Goggles: S.L.M /1942
Tin: unable to read see Description


Goggles: 1000 L x 45 W x 37 D mm
Tin: 30 H x 82 L x 57 D mm

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