Gold scales and weights; W & T Avery, Birmingham; 19th Century; CR2015.009.7


Gold scales and weights

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A set of gold scales and weights in a wooden box. The box has a stapled hinge lid with a hook and eye fastening. The base inside is lined with red velvet (now faded and worn) and there is a small square compartment in one corner, perhaps for storing weights. The scales consists of a steel beam with two brass pans attached by three chains. The beam has a hook, lever and a piece of leather hanging from the centre.
Included in the box are four set of weights, hook and small pieces of iron weights.


W & T Avery, Birmingham

Maker Role


Date Made

19th Century

Place Made

United Kingdom, England, Birmingham

Medium and Materials

Processed material, steel and brass
Vegetal, fibre
Organic, vegetal, wood

Inscription and Marks

W & T Avery Limited
Manufacturers of all kinds of Scales, Scale Beams, Steelyards, Patent Weighing Machines
Brass & Iron Weights etc etc


Beam 160mm
Pan dia 95mm

Subject and Association Keywords

Weighing equipment

Subject and Association Keywords


Subject and Association Keywords


Credit Line

From the collection of the Cromwell Museum

Object Type

Weighing instruments

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All rights reserved

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