Shop Day Book; Unknown maker; 1892; CR2003.002


Shop Day Book

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Day Book - a record of daily purchases made from a haberdashery type store in Cromwell from Dec 24 1892 to Sept 30 1893. The book belonged to the father (John Ferris) of Colin Ferris who were both shopkeepers in Cromwell. It was one of two books donated in a box, the other is a ledger (CR2003.001).
The purchases include muslin, calico, sateen, wool, ribbon, scissors, Christmas cards, hats, pinafore, umbrella, boot laces etc. Some well known local identities were customers eg Hotop, Stumbles, McNulty, Ritchie, Partridge etc.
Inside the front cover are stamp stickers remnants. The entries in the book are written in pencil.


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Sticker on front cover - "Rough Day Book Dec 24th - 1892 to Sept 30 1893"

Inside front cover - "Book belonged to the father (John) of Colin Ferris shopkeeper in Cromwell. My daughter Jean Wilson married Colin Ferris" signed ?? Wilson


L 400mm X 160mm X 30mm

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History - District

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Business Records & Documents

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From the collection of the Cromwell Museum

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Ledgers & papers

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