Drafting Set; unknown maker; 1800s; MT1994.111.1


Drafting Set

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Drafting Set; wooden boxed set of drafting instruments. It has an internal divider with pocket,and a removable instrument tray. The lid has a small brass inlay. It includes six instruments, eleven interchangeable attachments, two protractors, and three shape templates. ceramic dishes and carbon and graphite blocks.

It was originally owned by Forrest Brown who was a builder and wheelwright from Glasgow. In the 1870s he built a flour mill that stood on the current site of the Mataura Freezing Works. The flour mill was demolished in 1892 to make way for the new freezing works. For more information see page 170 of our book 'Mataura, City of the Falls'.

Forrest's son, William Forrest Brown was Mayor of Mataura from 1915 to 1917. The set was handed down to the Hesselin branch of the family and was donated to us by Don Hesselin.


unknown maker

Maker Role


Date Made


Place Made

Europe, Germany

Medium and Materials

organic, vegetal, wood
processed material, metal, alloy, brass
processed material, metal, alloy, steel
processed material, organic, vegetal, bone
processed material, organic,vegetal,cotton
inorganic,metal, graphite

Inscription and Marks

scalene triangle - handwritten in black pen: 'F.Brown'


a - h 40mm x w 203mm x d 120mm
b - w 92mm x d 70mm
c - w 105mm x d 60mm
d - w 140mm x d 70mm
e - w 162mm x d 55mm
f - w 140mm x d 50mm
g - h 5mm x l 60mm
h - h 5mm x l 47mm
i - h 5mm x l 160mm x w 17mm
j - h 7mm x l 77mm x w 8mm
k - h 5mm x l 110mm x w 9mm
l - h 6mm x l 98mm x w 10mm
m - h 4mm x l 105mm x w 8mm
n - h 8mm x l 82mm x w 12mm
o - h 5mm x l 95mm x w 17mm
p - h 5mm x l 107mm x w 8mm
q - h 7mm x l 155mm x w 10mm
r - di 35mm x d 4mm
s - di 20mm x d 4mm
t - h 30mm x w 6mm x d 7mm
u - h 5mm x l 80mm x w 8mm
v - h 4mm x l 90mm x w 4mm
w - h 9mm x l 80mm x w 9mm
x - h 5mm x l 75mm x w 9mm
y - h 5mm x l 115mm x w 5mm
z - h 6mm x l 52mm x w 4mm
aa - h 5mm x l 80mm x w 6mm
bb - h 7mm x l 15mm x w 17mm
cc - h 8mm x l 35mm x w 7 mm
dd - h 10mm x l 195mm x w 100mm

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Subject and Association Keywords

genealogy/personal and family names

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From the collection of the Mataura and Districts Historical Society Incorporated.

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All rights reserved

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