Chondrometer; Bryan Corcoran Ltd.; c1870's; OT.2009.28



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This pendulum scale was created to measure the weight density of grain bushels and was also known as a Grain Weight Tester. It likely would have been used to determine the money given to farmers for their crop yields. It was found in the office effects of Otautau Town Clerk and Businessman/Agent John Fisher (1863-1950).

A bushel is a standardised volume measurement that equals 8 gallons (approximately 30 litres), and different grains had different standard weight measurements for this volume. Wheat is expected to be 60 pounds per bushel (27 kgs), barley should be 50 lbs (22 kgs), and oats 40 lbs (18 kgs).

This particular device is unusual in that it's a pendulum scale, which was used to weigh letters much more often than grain.

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Bryan Corcoran Ltd.

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Europe, United Kingdom, England, London

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inorganic, processed material, metal, alloy, brass (?)
organic, vegetal, processed material, wood


h 395 mm x w 290 mm x d 220 mm

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