Hollerith Machine being operated by Miss M. Talbut, 1948


Hollerith Machine being operated by Miss M. Talbut, 1948

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The Hollerith rolling-total tabulator equipment was installed in the Chief Accountant’s Department in 1948 for punched card control of government stock payments. In this photo it is being operated by Miss M. Talbut.

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Peter Holmwood 02 Oct 2012 09:07 AM,UTC

From about 1954 to 1965 I was a Hollerith Engineer ,servicing,maintaining & repairing this and other models of tabulators and their assosiated equipement ie Card Punches & Verifiers,High Speed Sorters, Collators and Reproducers. I was attached to "SOUTHERN REGION workin out from BTM's Regional office in VICTORIA HOUSE Kingsway London. Each of the Engineers were allocated between 4&8 contracts (dependant on size) to look after.
My own companies included,all the film offices,ie Columbia Pictures
J.R Rank,Fox,Warner Bros etc Morphy Richards in Orpington. Kent,
Shuttleworths(LINDT)Chocolate,etc,etc. The position of "Hollerith Engineer" was fairly High Profile one and these ROLLING TOTAL TABULATORS and their ancillaries,were very complex machines in both
the electrical circuitry /relays etc and the mechanical aspects.
With the advent of progressive electronics ,BTM started to produce
the first electronic computors ,ie 501,555 etc,another big learning
curve for the Electro Mechanical Engineers, and probably the demise of the "Rolling Total" 800 series Tabulators,as computing turned
quite quicky to Magnetic Tape and later to Discs. Electronics and
Silicon Chips didn't bode with me ,so BTM and I parted company...
I look back on my time with BTM and "OUR" Tabulators as being one of the most, or THE MOST enjoyable and satisfying position I have
held, especially as I meet and later married (1958) one of my
best Prograners. Weare now in our 55yr of married bliss...
..........Peter Holmwood, South West France ..October 2012..

peg diamond 07 Nov 2010 20:50 PM,UTC

I worked on these machines in 1947 at the War Office in London. They were huge and noisy!

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