Te Rua; Attewell, Warrick (Waka); 1991; A&D 2085 TeRuaD5723uncat1


Te Rua

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Photographed by Warrick Attewell, this still features Wi Kuki Kaa as Rewi Marangai in the 1991 Pacific Films production ‘Te Rua’. ‘Te Rua’ was written and directed by Barry Barclay and produced by John O’Shea. ‘Te Rua’ addresses the issue of cultural sovereignty, telling the fictional story of Nanny Matai, an Uritoto elder, Rewi Marangai, a patent lawyer, and Peter Huaka, a performance poet, who crusade to repatriate three ancestral carvings from a Berlin museum, taonga that were originally stolen from an Uritoto meeting house over a century ago. Barclay spent three years writing the script and received substantial funding from the Berlin Arts Council to make it. Cape Palliser was chosen as the location for filming the imaginary Uritoto marae and museum sequences were shot in both Wellington and Berlin.
This image is an individual film frame selected from the finished footage for use as a publicity still. Film stills are often produced this way, enabling the cinematographer’s aesthetic to be conveyed in printed publicity. Publicity stills are otherwise produced by a designated stills photographer.

Place Made

New Zealand. Germany.


Attewell, Warrick (Waka)

Maker Role



Kaa, Wi Kuki

Maker Role


Date Made



35mm mounted colour transparency

Subject and Association Description

Warrick Attewell was cinematographer for ‘The Whole of the Moon’ (1997), ‘Dangerous Orphans’ (1985), ‘Chunuck Bair’ and ‘The Rainbow Warrior’. He directed a short film called ‘The Murder House’ (1998), along with other titles.
Wi Kuki Kaa was an acclaimed actor who appeared in numerous New Zealand and international productions, including ‘River Queen’ (2005), ‘Ngati’ (1987), ‘Kingpin’ (1985) and ‘Utu’ (1983).
Barry Barclay also directed ‘Feathers of Peace’ (2000), ‘Ngati’ (1987), ‘The Neglected Miracle’ (1985), and the ‘Tangata Whenua’ series (1974).
John O’Shea, co-founder of Pacific Films, also produced ‘Ngati’ (1987), ‘The Neglected Miracle’ (1985), ‘Don’t Let It Get You’(1966), ‘Runaway’ (1964) and ‘Broken Barrier’ (1952).

Object Type

Mounted Transparency

Medium and Materials

Colour transparency


New Zealand Film Commission Stills Collection

Credit Line

New Zealand Film Commission Stills Collection

Object number

A&D 2085 TeRuaD5723uncat1

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All rights reserved

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