Painting, Watercolour Riverton Landing Jacobs River; Unknown maker; 1850 -1870


Painting, Watercolour Riverton Landing Jacobs River

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The view, looking upstream, is of Jacobs Estuary at Riverton/Aparima, and captures a time when the settlement has progress from its early foundation days in the 1830's. The work is unsigned and undated but does give clues as to when it was probably painted.

Much of the bush has been cleared and European style buildings dot the landscape. On the foreshore are two riders, in formal Victorian dress, a dog by their side heading towards a pier. The tall building to the right of the pier is thought to be a warehouse or grain store. Riverton became a warehouse port in 1862 after gaining Custom Port of Entry approval in 1862. A steamer lies offshore, which by the 1870's, was a common sight on the river. As more and more homestead became established so did the need to transport goods to and from the port. This is a settlement well established and engaged in its daily routines. Land has been cleared and worked and infrastructure on land and water are well developed. Different types of sail boats ply the river and people seem as to have the time to leisurely go about their day.


Unknown maker

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Date Made

1850 -1870



Medium and Materials

organic, processed materials, paper
organic, processed materials, paper. cardboard

Place Made

Oceania, New Zealand, South Island, Southland, Riverton/Aparima


h 230 mm x l 330 mm

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Art and Design

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