Photograph, Sarah Ann Cameron (Teriana née Howell); Unknown maker; 1850-1860


Photograph, Sarah Ann Cameron (Teriana née Howell)

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A photograph of Sarah Ann (Teriana) Cameron (née Howell), only daughter of Captain John Howell and his first wife, Kohikohi Paatu. Sarah Ann married Scotsman William Cameron at age 15. They initially farmed at Waicola Run (133) near Wairio, then at Glenquoich and Mount Linton.

Though Sarah’s mother died only a few years after her birth, Sarah found a life-long friend in her step-mother, Captain Howell's second wife, Caroline Brown. Brought up in a large, sociable family, Sarah Ann felt very isolated after moving to the Waicola Run. Still a teenager, this sense of isolation and loneliness increased when her first child died, due to a lack of obstetric care and delayed medical assistance. Sarah Ann’s strong will, stamina and quiet courage, coupled with visits from her father, got her through the early part of her married life. Sarah Ann and William Cameron went on to have 12 children.

Sarah Ann: Kāti Māmoe guardian of Raratoka (Centre Island)

As the granddaughter of Kāti Māmoe Chief Horomoto Paatu, Sarah Ann cared for and protected Raratoka. In 1877, the New Zealand Government laid claim to Raratoka for the purpose of a lighthouse. At this time, Sarah Ann’s Uncle, Horomoro Paatu, wrote to her requesting that she maintain their claim and guardianship of the land as their Tipuna (ancestors) were buried there. It seems that both Sarah Ann and the government reached a compromise; while the government erected a lighthouse at Centre Island, Sarah Ann and William Cameron operated it until William’s failing health led to them shifting to Riverton where he died in 1898. Following the death of William, Sarah Ann moved to live with her daughters in the North Island; her last chapter of life was at Ormond, Bay of Plenty, where she died in 1912.

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Oceania, New Zealand, South Island, Southland


Unknown maker

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h 700 mm x w 598 mm x d 20 mm



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People and Families (including births, weddings, deaths)

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organic, vegetal, processed materials, paper
organic, vegetal, processed materials, paper, card
organic, vegetal, wood
processed materials, glass


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