Painting, Watercolour Jacobs River Estuary; Unknown maker; 1830-1850


Painting, Watercolour Jacobs River Estuary

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This watercolour is of the Jacobs River Estuary at Riverton Aparima looking out towards the Longwood Ranges. Although the painting is neither signed nor dated it is possible, by referencing elements within the composition, to arrive at a probable date.

The primary focal points of the painting are the central group of Māori figures looking out across the estuary. The European references, such as the boats on the river and the small cottage on the far shore are smaller in scale and indicative of the early days of the establishment of Riverton Aparima as a European settlement. Some of the bush has been cleared around the homestead but it was not until around 1850, when it is generally agreed, that settlers changed from 'ploughing the sea to ploughing the land'. Not until this change in occupation did settlers clear native bush on a grander scale.


Unknown maker

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organic, processed materials, paper
organic, processed materials, paper, cardboard

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Oceania, New Zealand, South Island, Southland, Riverton/Aparima


h 240 mm x w 320 mm

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Art and Design

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