Plumb Bob, Charles Port; Unknown maker; 1860-1890; RI.W2014.3584


Plumb Bob, Charles Port

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This brass plumb bob was used by Charles Port to level the 'Port Water Race' which provided water for alluvial mining in the Longwood Range and in particular at Round Hill.

Charles Arthur Port and Henry Horatio Port operated a claim on the eastern side of the Longwood Range. They sought to improve their water supply and obtained a licence (6305) to construct an initial race of six miles from Gorge Stream in 1877. In 1888 they were approached by Chinese miners to extend the race to their workings at Round Hill. Chinese miners were contracted to excavate the race extension and it was completed over a period of fourteen months.

In 1891 the Round Hill Syndicate, who owned most of the water rights in the area by that time, purchased Port’s Water Race. As demand for water increased the race was upgraded and extended to improve supply. It reached its most distant point at Granity Stream in about 1897. It continued in use until the 1950s, and was part of a vital water supply to the sluicing operations at Round Hill.

Charles Port wrote a note to accompany the plumb bob, it reads: 'This is a plumb bob used by me on triangle. Used in leveling Ports Water Race, Longwoods. C.A. Port'.


Unknown maker

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inorganic, processed material, metal, alloy, copper alloy, brass

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The accession number '3584' has been written on the plumb in white ink.


h 82 mm x dia 14 mm

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Natural Resources and Mining

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