Handcuffs, Hiatt Best ; Hiatt Best; 1840-1860; RI.W2002.1198


Handcuffs, Hiatt Best

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Wrought iron Darby style non-adjustable handcuffs with single locking position. Each cuff is hinged and is locked in place by a key. As they are non-adjustable they could only presumably be used on inmates with a particular sized wrist. This style was used until adjustable cuffs were introduced in the 1860s.

There are no accession records for this object, so we can not definitively link them to the Police at Riverton or local use.


Hiatt Best

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Medium and Materials

processed material, metal, iron

Inscription and Marks

'HIATT BEST' on each cuff t base of hinge
'WARRANTED WROUGHT' lengthways around each cuff, near maker's mark
'167' on each side of the key's head and also alongside 'WARRANTED WROUGHT' mark
'HARD' on the bottom side of each cuff, opposite side to the other marks
'B' on the end of each cuff pin, surrounded by stylised border


RI.W2002.1198.1: h 80 x w 255 x d 10mm
RI.W2002.1198.2: h 60 x w 30 x d 10mm

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Emergency Services

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