Chain, Mayoral, Borough of Riverton; Unknown maker; 1870-1871; RI.W2001.307


Chain, Mayoral, Borough of Riverton

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Mayoral Chain; as worn by the mayors of the Borough of Riverton from 1871 to 1983, 10 of the 24 links record the mayors' names, which are recorded in the inscriptions and marks field.

The Riverton Borough Council was established in 1871 and was part of the Wallace County Council from 1876 to 1989 until the Southland District Council was formed. At the census of 1901, Riverton had 240 dwelling houses and 225 ratepayers.

Local government in New Zealand has gone through three principal phases with different structures: the provincial era from 1853 to 1876; the counties and boroughs system from 1876 until 1989 and the current system of regions, cities and districts.


Unknown maker

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Medium and Materials

processed material, metal

Inscription and Marks

Centre Disc: 'Mayor The Borough of Riverton 1871'
Disc 1: '1871/72 Rev Lachlan McGillivray'
Disc 2: '1872/73 J.L. McDonald, 1873/76 J.L. McDonald, 1876/77, John R. Mills, 1877/79 David Murchie'
Disc 3: '1879 Theo Daniel, 1879/80 J. Reid, 1980/81 Theo Daniel, 1881/82 J.R. Mills'
Disc 4: '1882/83 S. Taylor, 1883/85 J.W. Chapman', 1885/86 C. Robertson, 1886/87 F. Locke'
Disc 5: '1887/89 S. Taylor, 1889/92 J. Petchell, Jnr, 1892/93 J.R. Mills, 1893/99 E. Ward'
Disc 6: '1899/1901 D. Durbridge, 1901/1904 J.C. Thomson, 1904/08 W.R. Pankhurst, 1908/1909 Dr N.G. Trotter'
Disc 7: '1909/11 J. R. Mills, 1911/16 L. Petchell 1916/30, 1916/30 Dr N.G. Trotter, 1931/32 E.B. Patrick'.
Disc 8: '1933/44 Dr N.G. Trotter, 1944/47 H. E. Philip, 1947/48, F.O.V. Acheson, 1948/50 R.I. Walker'
Disc 9: '1950/53 A. Dickson, 1953/56 T.W. Finnie, 1957/68 E.N. Andrews, 1968/74 R.J. Hopgood'
Disc 10: '1974/76 E. Woodhill, 1976/77 R. Hopgood, 1977/83 N. Andrews'
Marked on reverse of medallion: 'W2001.307'.


h 465 mm x w 385 mm x d 5 mm

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Government (National and Local Politics)

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ceremonial objects

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