Tool chest, Carpenter's; Unknown manufacturer; WY.2001.22.1


Tool chest, Carpenter's

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We believe this tool chest belonged to Charlie Hunt of Water Street, Wyndham. It contains wooden planes, marking gauges, set squares, chisels, and drill parts.

An anecdote about Charlie:

"Charlie was a tough little Englishman who, although quite short, was a good boxer. He also worked as the ashman at some time. Mrs Richardson in Cardigan Road told of catching a mouse once and putting it in the ash can; but Charlie brought the mouse back and tossed it in the door and stated that he was not obliged to take wild animals. The other thing Charlie was good at was replacing the rope in the Post Office flagpole when it either became jammed or came off the pulley, as he would shimmy up the pole like a monkey. Next time you go past the old Post Office just have a look at the pole - it is still there."


Unknown manufacturer

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organic, processed material, vegetal, wood
inorganic, processed material, metal, iron
inorganic, processed material, metal, copper alloy, brass


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Business and Retail

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Machinery and Tools

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