Doors, Jail; Unknown manufacturer; 1888?; WY.0000.1480


Doors, Jail

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These are cell doors from the old Wyndham police station.

It is thought that perhaps the very first prison cell in Wyndham was on a property on the north side of Ferry St between Alma and Balaclava Streets. It is said that here a large house which looked like an old style barn,with a hen-run, a place for keeping cows and a stable were all on the same property. In part of this property there was a cell, the door of which had a grill with bars across it, high up near the roof, and the door is said to have been 6-8 inches thick with beveled edges so as to jam shut.

The first recorded mention of a police station was in 1888 when the Town Clerk wrote to the Minister of Lands referring to Block XV, which was about to be built on and used for a police camp. The old police house, on the corner of Balaclava and Florence Streets, along with stables and cells, were likely built at this time. A replacement house was built on the neighbouring corner of Balaclava and Raglan Streets in the 1960s, and 30 years later a detachment office facing Raglan St was constructed.

It is believed these cell doors came from the station which was built in 1888.


Unknown manufacturer

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Medium and Materials

organic, processed material, vegetal, wood
inorganic, processed material, metal, iron


h 2600 mm x w 860 mm x d 165 mm

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Buildings and Structures

Subject and Association Keywords

Emergency Services

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architectural elements

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