Photograph, Jewel of Wyndham Rebekah Lodge No 99 Installing Team 1972-74; Unknow...


Photograph, Jewel of Wyndham Rebekah Lodge No 99 Installing Team 1972-74

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This is a colour photograph of the Jewel of Wyndham Rebekah Lodge No 99 Installing Team 1972-1974.

Back row: Shirley McKay, Maureen Heydon, Margaret Baird, Margaret Sneddon, Heather Laurie, Rowena McKay
Front row: Annie McLellan, Melda Turner, Mattie McKay, Alice Busbridge

The Rebekah Lodges were the Women’s Associate Lodges of the Independent Order of Odd Fellows (IOOF). The lodges had a twofold aim: to provide an environment of friendship and social contact which fostered a sense of belonging and caring; and to heighten social awareness, thus enabling members to be active within their community.

The first IOOF in New Zealand was formed in Dunedin in 1861, and later in the decade the wives of its senior members were encouraged to join the Rebekah Degree of the Order, founded in the USA in 1851. The Rebekahs met regularly to provide support for needy families of members, and for abandoned wives within their community. They also worked alongside philanthropic bodies such as the Dunedin Female Refuge in providing much needed service in the rapidly growing town.

Important within the Rebekah activities were the values and ideals represented by Biblical women, such as Rebekah for her kindness and hospitality, and Ruth for her fortitude, affection and piety. The Rebekahs continued to adhere to the IOOF motto of 'Friendship, Love, Truth, Where people come first'.

In 1992 there were 58 Rebekah Lodges in New Zealand, with a membership of 2089; some Rebekahs (as members were known) were the wives and daughters of IOOF members, but many others did not have this connection. Over the two decades however, interest in the Rebekah Lodges, as well as in the Independent Order of Odd Fellows slowly waned. By 2015 all IOOF lodges in New Zealand had closed.

Place Made

Oceania, New Zealand, South Island, Southland, Wyndham


Unknown photographer

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Inscription and Marks

Reverse: As per public description.
Upper right in pencil:'WY.2013.8.68.3'
Upper left diagonally in ink: 'Roena' underlined


h 89 mm x w 130 mm



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People and Families (including births, weddings, deaths)

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organic processed material, vegetal, paper, photographic paper

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Copyright status unknown - orphaned work

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