Photograph, Seaward Downs Centennial Jubilee 1992; Del-Mar Studios, Invercargill...


Photograph, Seaward Downs Centennial Jubilee 1992

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These are people of the Seaward Downs District who got together for the district's Centennial Jubilee in 1992.

Standing at left: J. Morton, S. Lemon, P. Duffy, G. Sellars, W. Dunlop, J Gorman.

Back Row: W. Ferguson, D. Maxwell, B. Hillis, M. Gorman, N. Welsh, G. Howden, P. Welsh, N. Welsh, J. Hillis, M. Howden, C. Morton, G. Maxwell, A. McDonald, A. Ferguson, G. Davidson, J. Baird, S. Davidson, D. Duncan, G. Wylie.

2nd Row: G. Daley, L. Maxwell, A. Maxwell, I. Syme, P. Gorman, R. McKenzie, R. McLeary, R. Capil, A. McNeil, J. Welsh, J. McLeary, O., McNamara, J. Wylie, H. McCall, K. Martyn, A> Mawdsley, A. Gregory, O. McCall, J. Sutherland, R. McKenzie, J. Morton, K. Drysdal;e at back, N. Parker, J. Hillis, D. Howden.

3rd Row: S. Bee (nee Wylie) on ladder, V. HOwden (Beattie), A. Howden, G. Henderson, P. Maxwell, B. Kirby, M. Howden, N. McLaren, W. McLaren, D. McKenzie, S. Ferguson, M. Wylie, R. McDonald, M. Ferguson (Morton), J Capil, M. Capil, G. Maxwell (Fergusson), C. Ferguson, G. Capil.

4th Row: S. Parcell, B. Hillis (Gardiner), N. Edie (Dallas), E. Morton (Sinclair), M. Preston, M. Milne (Morton), N. McKenzie (Dawson), M. McHardy (Palmer), S. Lemon and Paul, J. Ludke, B & T Welsh, M. Anderson (Dunlop), H. Rodgers (Maxwell), A. Duffy, A. Croswell, A. Baird, V. Sangster (Welsh), S. Hillis (Wallis), D. McKenzie(McEwan), D Irwin (Gregory), J. Dunlop (Bagrie), K. Anderson, E. McKenzie(Bagrie), A. Brown with M and A (Morton), W. Wylie (McDonald), E. Wylie (Waters), I. Maxwell(Ferguson), E. McCall (McDonald), L. Clearwater(Graham), L. Fox (Beck), K. Mitchell, M. Ferguson (McKay), J Mitchell(Maxwell),A. Smith (Morton), A. Howden (Somerville), B. Stewart (Hillis), R. Maxwell (Graham), H. Mawdsley (Davidson), K. McKenzie(McLeary), T. McKenzie(Allison), E. Humprhries (Carter), N. Ducan (Humphries), O. Horrell (Gregory), M. Davidson (McBeth), S. Saunders (Leggett), H. Templeton, Coleman.

5th Row: C. McCleary, R. McLeary, A. Davidson (Rule), J. Jopp (McCall), D. Taylor (Morton), E. Sinclair (Morton), R. Warnock (Morton), A. Wylie (McDonald), S. Fauchelle (Palmer), M Wintr (Hillis0, J. Welsh, H. McLeary (welsh), D. McLeod (Weir), S. weir (Hillis), J. Monk (McCorkindale), L. Martyn (Mawdsley), C. De Mattigar (Bryant), N Hamilton (Palmer), M. Poynton (Bryant, J Mawdsley (Cameron), K. Parker (Morton), M. McNeil (Mawdsley), V. Fenton (McCall), L. Burgess (Drysdale),
G. Mitchell, A Lannock (Arnott), G. Dunlop (Sim), I. McKenzie (Morton), I Gregory (McLennan).

6th Row: C. Howden (Webb), K. Howden, L. Gorman, M. Daley, B. Hendrson (mcIntyre), G. Falconer & Thomas(Hillis), J. Morton (Saunders), D. Perkins (Sellars), J. Kirby (McLeary), J. McLeary (Dallas), L. Rule (Gorman), C. Rask (Gorman), R. Morton (Walker), & B. Brown, B. Sellars (Jackson), J. Robertson (Stewart) & child, D. McElhinney, I. Gorman (Monaghan), H. Whittet (Richards), B. Ludke (Baynes), A. Ludke, R. Ludke.

Front Row: B. Howden, C. Howden (Blakie), G. Howden (Monteith), C. Howden, A. Howden, J. Howden, E. McKenzie, M. Howden, J. Howden, A. Duffy, N. Howden, N. Perkins, T. Anderson, M. Sangster, M. Lemon, P. Lemon, M. Hendersonn, N. Henderson, S. Henderson, B. Robertson, ? Robertson, J. Duffy, J. McLeary.

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Oceania, New Zealand, South Island, Southland, Seaward Downs


Del-Mar Studios, Invercargill

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On the front of the photograph on the lower right corner
On the reverse of the photo in the upper left corner is the makers mark
5 Conon street - Invercargill
P. O. Box 215 Telephone84-321
When Re-ordering quote this number'
On a white sticker adjacent to this is
'Wyndham Museum'
On the lower right corner added in pencil


h 204 mm x w 456 mm



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People and Families (including births, weddings, deaths)

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Events and Parades

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organic, processed material, vegetal, paper, photographic paper

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WY.0000.1140 [IN COPYRIGHT}

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All rights reserved

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