Sculpture, Tuatara [In Copyright]; Shields, Heather; 1996; WY.0000.716


Sculpture, Tuatara [In Copyright]

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This tuatara sculpture was made by Heather Shields, and exhibited at the 5th World Show of the Floral Art Group in 1996, where it received a 'Mention'.

It is made from paper mache over a polystyrene base, covered with silver birch bark to form the skin. Cabbage tree bark and feathery protea flowers were used along the spine, with liquid amber tree bark to create the feet and legs. The eyes were made from pieces of horse chestnut preserved under nail polish.

Heather Shields was a life member of the Wyndham Floral Art Club. A valued member of the Club, Heather demonstrated floral art for public gatherings and took many classes teaching people floral art techniques.


Shields, Heather

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Date Made




Medium and Materials

organic, processed materials, vegetal, bark, cabbage tree
organic, processed materials, vegetal, bark, liquid amber
organic, processed materials, vegetal, bark, silver birch
organic, processed materials, vegetal, fruit, nut, chestnut
organic, processed materials, vegetal, flower, protea
inorganic, processed material, synthetic, plastic, polyester, polystyrene
inorganic, processed materials, synthetic, plastic, cellophane, rayon
organic, processed materials, vegetal, card
organic, processed materials, vegetal, paper

Place Made

Oceania, New Zealand, South Island, Southland, Wyndham

Inscription and Marks

Certificate: '5th World Show'
'Heather Shields'
'All Creatures Great and Small'


see Parts.

Subject and Association Keywords

Animals (fauna)

Subject and Association Keywords

Art and Design

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All rights reserved

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