Photograph, Framed Wyndham Plunket Committee 1918; Unknown photographer; 1918; W...


Photograph, Framed Wyndham Plunket Committee 1918

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This is a framed and glazed photograph of the Wyndham Plunket Committee and helpers at the Gala Day which took place in 1918 at the Plunket Rest Rooms (probably at Wyndham).

Committee members are Mesdames E.C.W. Porter, Peter Cunningham, James Milne Snr., Thomas Strang, Andrew Cunningham, and Nurse Every.

The children photographed are James Daniel McLauchlan 13 months; Margaret Porter 4 years, Ernest Blake Porter 3 years; Ian Kitchener Campbell 1 year, Peter Ernest Campbell 2 years; the Genge Triplets 7 months - George Herbert Guy Genge, Albert Edward Genge, and Harold Benjamin Genge.

The first Plunket Nurse came to Wyndham in 1913. In The Wyndham Herald in March 1915, we learn that Miss Every the Plunket Nurse visited a room over Mr R Wilson's store and the monthly visits were increased to twice monthly on sale days.

In 1929 the Committee donated ten pounds towards the purchase of a car for the Plunket Nurse but stipulated that she travel to Wyndham by train, saving about ten shillings a visit. In later times, the Nurse visited mothers and new babies at home until the baby was six weeks old and her visits to the rooms were made weekly.

The Genge family had 9 children including the triplet sons above, and twin daughters. Herbie Genge invented a solid fuel tent stove, useful for disaster relief. In 1976 he offered it to the NZ Red Cross, free of royalties and the right to use it anywhere in the world. This was not taken up by the Red Cross but was later used in New Zealand successfully by opossum hunters, white-baiters and in houses and cowsheds. Although, local knowledge suggests that there was an issue with the device in that smoke came out the front into the room in which one was cooking, creating a safety hazard.

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Oceania, New Zealand, South Island, Southland, Wyndham


Unknown photographer

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Inscription and Marks

Front on card typewritten on white paper centre left:
'James Daniel McLauchlan, 13 months.'
Lower left: 'Margaret Porter, 4 years. Ernest Blake Porter 3 years.'
'Plunket Committee and helpers:-'
'Mesdames E.C.W. Porter, Peter Cunningham, James Milne Snr., Thos. Strang,'
'Andrew Cunningham and Nurse Every.'
Centre Right: 'Ian Kitchener Campbell, 1 year. Peter Ernest Campbell, 2 years.'
Lower Right: 'The Genge Triplets at seven months.'
'Gerge Herbert Guy. Albert Edward. Harold Benjamin'
Reverse on frame in white ink: 'WY 90 205'


h 467 mm x w 898 mm x d 40 mm



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People and Families (including births, weddings, deaths)

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Events and Parades

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Clubs, Groups and Societies

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Health and Medicine

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organic, processed material, vegetal, photographic paper, paper
organic, processed material, vegetal, paper, card
organic, processed material, vegetal, wood
organic, processed material, glass
inorganic processed material, metal, steel
inorganic processed material, synthetic, plastic

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Public Domain Public Domain

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