Photograph, Framed Mokoreta Valley 1908; McRae, George; 1908; WY.0000.634


Photograph, Framed Mokoreta Valley 1908

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This is a photograph of Mokoreta Valley taken by George McCrae in 1908. George and his brother were farming land on the left side of the photograph, known as 'Brookdale', and as a hobby George captured some magnificent photographs of the area.

In this photograph you can see Mount Egremont to the far left, the bare hill in the centre is Ram Hill and behind this is Mount Herbert. The hill on the right is Mount Bleak and the rise in the centre of the landscape is known as 'The Redan' due to its fortification-like appearance. Prior to settlement for farming, this landscape was tussock country.

In 1908, roughly 100 people lived in Mokoreta. Families included the McCraes, with George's Uncle D.K. farming the top of the river in the left of the photograph; the Taylors, whose homestead was to the top left of 'The Redan', and the McLarens whose homestead is in behind the pines. Additionally, Melville's Run (Glenham Station) ran from South Wyndham right up to the right side of the photograph.

In 1908, the McCraes also operated a sawmill and a flaxmill on their land, and owned the sports paddock which was later shifted to a more central area after the sports committee tried to charge George McCrae for entrance to his own paddock at a sports day.

As of 2020, the whole flat is a dairy farm still owned by the McCrae family.

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Oceania, New Zealand, South Island, Southland, Mokoreta


McRae, George

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inorganic, processed material, glass
inorganic, processed material, metal, silver alloy
organic, processed material, vegetal, paper
organic, processed material, vegetal, paper, photographic paper
organic, processed material, vegetal, paper, card
organic, processed material, vegetal, wood


h 615 mm x w 1415 mm x d 85 mm

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