Medal, Military Defence Force 1939-1945 T Templeton; Unknown manufacturer; 1945;...


Medal, Military Defence Force 1939-1945 T Templeton

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This Defence Medal was presented to Private Thomas Templeton 18816, N.Z. Army, for services during World War Two. Before going to war Thomas Templeton was a civilian\farm worker. He worked for the Wyndham Town Board as a day man, keeping the streets clean and tidy and he also prepared graves for interment.

About the Defence Medal:

The Defence Medal was awarded to British military and civilian personnel for a range of service in the United Kingdom, and to British, British Commonwealth and British Colonial personnel who served outside their home countries in a non-operational area or in an area subject to threat such as air attack.

The length of qualifying service required for the award of the Defence Medal varied depending on where an individual served. For residents of the United Kingdom, three years' service in the United Kingdom was required (except for those who served in a Mine and Bomb Disposal Unit, for whom 90 days' service was required). Six months' service overseas from or outside a person's country of residence in a non-operational area subjected to air attack or closely threatened (for example the United Kingdom, Palestine or Fiji) was required. Or 12 months’ service overseas from or outside a person's country of residence in a non-operational area which was not subjected to air attack and which was not closely threatened was required.

About the ribbon:

The centre of the ribbon is flamed-coloured, and the edges are green, symbolising enemy attacks on Great Britain. Two black stripes represent the blackout in Great Britain.

On the ribbon is an oak leaf which means Thomas Templeton was mentioned in dispatches, meaning his name appears in an official report written by a superior officer to high command, in which his gallant\meritorious actions are described.


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Europe, United Kingdom, England, London

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inorganic, processed material, metal, silver alloy
inorganic, processed material, metal, copper alloy
organic, processed material, animal, animal product, silk
organic, processed material,vegetal, fibre, cotton


h 110 mm x w 38 mm

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Military - World War Two

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People and Families (including births, weddings, deaths)

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