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Reference books [Clydesdale Stud Books]


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A series of publications by the Clydesdale Society of New Zealand. It includes pedigrees plus a history of the breed. Comprehensive indexing according to breeders and owners, horses and mares.

Details for family historians can be obtained from index and contents, e.g. Atkinson, Brown (Strathmore), Carruthers (3), Connolly (Hyde), Gilbert, Hunter-Weston, Fred James, Kirkland, McLeod, Mason, Moynihan (3), Murray, Roberts & Co (Gladbrook), Neill, Nimmo, Paterson C, Scorgie, Thompson WG, Tisdall, Trotter (Hyde).

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processed material, paper


Vol 2: h 220 x w 140 x d 40mm

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Oceania, New Zealand, South Island, Dunedin


Clydesdale Horse Society of the Dominion of New Zealand

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Oceania, New Zealand, South Island, Dunedin

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N.Z. Clydesdale Stud Book

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reference books

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N.Z. Clydesdale Stud Book:
Vol 1. Stallions Nos 1-484. Mares Nos 1-858. 1914.
Vol 2. Mares Nos 859-1206. Stallions Nos 485-772. 1915.
Vol 3. Mares Nos 1207-1603. Stallions Nos 773-1075. 1919.
Vol 4. Mares Nos 1604-1888. Stallions Nos 1076-1215. 1920.
Vol 5. Mares Nos 1889-2530. Stallions Nos 1216-1465. 1922.
Vol 6. Mares Nos 2531-2988. Stallions Nos 1466-1725. 1923.
Vol 7. Mares Nos 2989-3316. Stallions Nos 1726-1900. 1924.

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