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The Family Tree - Boldero

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This collection of Family Tree information on the Boldero Family consists of a book and pages copied from the Boldero Family Bible.

Title: The Boldero Family of Mangawhai.
Author: David Morrison
Published: 2017
This book is the story of three brothers from Suffolk, England, their lives and their descendants in Mangawhai, New Zealand from 1861 to 1938.
The three brothers were:
George Thomas Boldero b.1832 d. 1918 and his wife Kate Boldero nee Spurling b.1835 d. 1909.
Alexander Samuel Boldero known as Aleck b.1848 d. 1927.
Edmund Raynham Boldero b. 1854 d. 1947.

The Boldero Family Bible has been returned to the owner but three pages of family entries, mainly births from 1832 to 1906 and deaths from 1909 to 1980 have been permitted by the owner to be copied for Mangawhai Museum.

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