OBE/MBE Memorabilia - Louis Wintle; 18-47


OBE/MBE Memorabilia - Louis Wintle

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A collection of memorabilia, belonging to Louis Lester Wintle b. 1903 d. 1994. consisting of the awarding of his O.B.E/M.B.E medal, 5th March 1985 at Kawau Islands, Mansion House, on behalf of the Queen, by the Governor General, Sir David Beattie.

'The Most Excellent Order of the British Empire (O.B.E, M.B.E.- Gentlemen)'

This silver medal is attached to a red ribbon with white edging and has a silver clasp on the back. The front of the medal has a crown with cross underneath. In the middle of the cross is written 'For God and The Empire' which surrounds an etching of the King and Queen (King George 5th -1917). Back monogram or cypher engraved with 'G.R.I' 'Georgius Rex Imperator' which is Latin for George, King Emperor, who instituted the Order in 1917.

This medal comes in a black, hinged, satin and velvet, lined case. M.B.E. in gold lettering, is inscribed on the outside of the lid and 'Toye, Kenning and Spencer Ltd London' is inscribed on the inside lining. A card with instructions as to where and how to wear the medal is enclosed in the case.

There are 5 official letters (plus Chapel Order Form) which were sent to Louis, from Central Chancery of The Orders of Knighthood, St James Palace, London, UK. They also sent a book titled, 'Statutes of The Most Excellent Order of The Britsh Empire 1970.'

Official OBE/MBE communication came from the Governor General, 09/05/1984 in the form of a letter of proposal to submit Louis's name to The Queen.
A Telegram 15/06/1984 confirming the Honour from The Queen.
A letter from Hauraki Gulf Maritime Park Board re- Investiture at Mansion House Kawau Island, by the Governor - General. Dated 13/02/1985 and a Certificate from The Oueen granting Louis's MBE/OBE.

There are 5 congratulatory letters, 3 cards, 3 telegrams, and newspaper clippings of his award, June 1984 and March 1985.

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