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Wood Street Store

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Wood Street, Mangawhai Heads store 1992 when the Scott family purchased it.

During the 1940's, Ron Wintle operated a moveable store which he had situated on the picnic grounds of his property at Mangawhai Heads. This shop was only opened for functions, or during summer holidays. From it was sold mostly aerated drinks and an assortment of lollies etc.

Then in the 1950's a little grocery type store opened in a resident's garage and served well the few that lived over that way. It developed into a 'take-away' shop during summer and holidays.

At about the same time, 1953, a general store opened near the site of the Molesworth 4 Square Store. Mrs North opened the store and a petrol pump.

In the 70's the Ogilivy family ran the store and in 1992 the store was purchased by the Scott family who owned the store until c 2015.

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