Insley Street Causeway 1965.; 16-329


Insley Street Causeway 1965.

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Insley Street causeway at Mangawhai 1965.
Looking towards Black Swamp Road. Noeline Corker ( who took the photo) was 20 years old when she was the Primer teacher at Mangawhai Beach Primary School between the years 1964 to 1966.
Power poles no longer there (2016) Note there are no mangroves growing in estuary at this time so Miss Corker (1965) would teach swimming in the shallows and sometimes in the summer, would take her class onto the sand, at low tide, for their printing lessons.

This causeway was known as the Filling in earlier times. There were gum stores at the Black Swamp and Coal Hill end of the causeway. William Sarah (known as Bill) had a gum store there.

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