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Daniel Bowmar.

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Daniel Bowmar (known as Dan) was the son of Joseph and Selena Bowmar. He was born in 1866 at Kirkby, Nottinghamshire, UK. He married Willamina (Lena) McKay and they had seven children, Frederick John Imperial b 1901, Doris Isabel Catherine b 1904, Alexandrina (Ina) May Bowmar b 1905, Clifford Seddon b1906, Selina (Ethel) b 1907, Charles Joseph b 1909 and Daniel McKay b 1910.
Daniel was a well known early settler starting up one of the first stores, Post Office, Butchery and Bakery. Dan Bowmar's Store and Post Office built in the 1870's. The Bakery was in the back building. The store was sited where the present day (2016) Mangawhai Village Motor Camp is on Moir Street, Mangawhai Village.
He died in 1945 at Hakaru. From Cordelia Sarahs Album.

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