Scriber/ Gauge Collection; 16-76


Scriber/ Gauge Collection

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A collection of five scribers or gauges. Two are made of wood, and three are made of metal. A scriber is a pointed instrument used for making marks on wood, bricks etc. to guide a saw or used in sign printing. All are in fair to good condition.
Most of the items belonged to Len Hayes who owned Ruawai Home Furnishers. circa 1950-1960.


A: L 23cm W 3.3cm (across sharp point end)
B: L 14 cm (compass arms) W 4cm
C: L 14 cm W 5.5 cm
D: H 2.8 cm W 4 cm Depth 3 cm
E: L 16.5 cm W 0.5 cm
F: L 21.5 cm W 2.5 cm (across sharp point end)
G: H 5 cm W 6 cm Depth 2.5 cm
H: H 5.5 cm W 6.5 cm
I: H 3.5 cm W 2.5 cm
J: H 2.8 cm W 1.5 cm
I: H 1 cm W 0.5 cm

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