Fred Foote's Bridge.; 16-98


Fred Foote's Bridge.

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This foot bridge was made of manuka/teatree by Frederick James Foote, known as Fred, b 1895 d 1982, in the 1930's.
It linked the Foote Family farm on Black Swamp Road to the start of Black Swamp Road (by Atkins family home).
The Mangawhai Estuary separated the beginning of Black Swamp Road, Mangawhai from the rest of Black Swamp Road. A small bridge was contstructed c 1937 to link the road. Locals called it 'Young's Bridge' after Sir Alexander Young who owned land nearby.

Left to Right: Fred Foote, Vi Shive (local school teacher) and Catherine Victoria Foote nee Thwaites, known as Torrie as a young girl, Vic as a married woman, and Catherine as an older woman, b 1901 d 1991

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