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Hastie Family

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Wedding group of Freida Riddle (nee Hastie) and Hormah Riddle. 12th August 1939. Taken in the garden of "Muritai" Hastie's home.

Back Row L-R: Henry & Charlie Bowmar, J H Wallace Hastie, Clara Bowmar (wife of Charlie Bowmar, dark hair, standing behind Hormah Riddle), Joyce Wharfe, Miss Grieg (teacher), Jack Wharfe, Warner Barney Cullen (known as Barney).

Middle Row L-R: Josie Francis (standing behind Bob Hastie with child), Hormah Riddle, Freida Riddle (nee Hastie), Dr Kate Hastie, Ena Cullen (wife of Barney Cullen).

Front Row L-R: Sitting - Robert Nelson Hastie (known as Nelson), Alf Wharfe, Bob Hastie, Selina Hastie (wife of Bob Hastie), The Minister, Dora Wharfe (wife of Alf Wharfe), Lena Bowmar (wife of Henry Bowmar). Child Bonnie Douglas (nee Francis).

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