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Event at Hogan's Farm

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Gathering at Charles Hogans farm on Black Swamp Rd, Mangawai. December 1902.
This property later became the Foote family property.
Photo includes members of the Mooney, Hogan, Stewart, Wilson, Williams and Cullen families.

Copy of photograph attached showing numbered people
0: Rita Phyllis Stewart, known as Phyllis
1: Elizabeth Jane Mooney nee Trevarthan (as spelt in the Mooney Family Bible)
sometimes spelt as Trevarthen.
2: Harold Edwin Wilson, also known as Squiggy
3: Helen Hogan, nee Smith
4: Elise Beatrice Brown
5: Charles Hogan b 1896 d 1977
6: Mildred Hogan, known as Millie
7: Robert Brown b 1854 d 1910
8: Charles Edward Hogan b 1865 d 1927
9: George Hogan
10: Albert Pritchard Williams (on birth certificate surname is King, which was his mother's maiden name Harriett Jane Williams, nee King known as Jane)
11: Mary Brown nee Hogan
12: Iris Linfield Hogan
13: Elizabeth Priscilla Hogan, nee Rawlings, known as Granny Hogan b 1831 d 1911
14: Hazel Hogan
15: Gladys Pearl Brown
16: George Smith, known as Pippy
17: Mabel Gertrude Brown
18: Ernest Alfred Wilson, known as Fred
19: Blanche Annie Hogan nee Prince
20: Clifford Gilbert Hogan
21: George Beaumont Hogan b 1896 d 1984

There is an in-depth description of these picnics in Papers Past, New Zealand Herald, Volume XXVI, Issue 9259, 12 January 1889.

This Papers Past article describes the Stewart family and Mrs Sarah of Hakaru inviting family and friends to attend a picnic at Hogan's farm on Black Swamp Road, Mangawai. They assembled at The Cornish Arms Hotel at Hakaru, and made their way to Mangawai accompanied by musicians. After the picnic they went to Mr W Sarah's store and danced the New Year in.

The photo, "Event at Hogan's Farm", was one of several taken at the event in late December 1902, by Stephen Tracy, Auckland Weekly News photographer.
See Auckland Weekly News, January 22 1903, page 14.

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