Cup, Saucer and Plate Collection x 4; 15-106


Cup, Saucer and Plate Collection x 4

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A collection of 4 cups and saucers. Makers include Shelly ('Dubarey'), Royal Albert ( 'Lady Carlyle'), and Staffordshire. All in excellent condition.


A: H: 6.5cm W:12.3cm includes handle
B: H: 2.03cm W: 14.2cm
C: H: 1.5cm W:
D: H: 90cm W: 10.0cm wide including handle
E: H: 2.5cm W: 14.5cm
F: H: 1.0cm W: 16.0cm
G: H: 9.0cm W: 15.5cm including handle
H: H: 2.0cm W: 14.5cm
I: H: 1.5cm W: 16.0cm
J: H: 6.0cm W: 12.0cm including handle
K: H: 2.5cm W: 14.0cm
L: H: 1.5cm W: 15.5cm

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