Ballast Stones or Fools Gold.; 835


Ballast Stones or Fools Gold.

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These ballast stones were picked up on Ocean Beach, Mangawhai, by Claud Wintle (srn 1871 - 1944) before WW1. Claud thought he had found a 'gold field'.He had the gold accessed in Whangarei and was told it was "Fools Gold". The origin of the stones were from Thames. Scows putting into Mangawhai to pick up logs (Kauri) for the mines, carried mine tailings as ballast. The ballast was dumped prior to crossing the Mangawhai bar. There is a story of one boat, the "Ruby", waiting to get across the bar for 3 days. A baby was born to Elizabeth King, wife of Francis King. The baby was Amy or Minnie Wharfe (nee King)


A: L 5 cm W 3 cm
B: L 5.5 cm W 3 cm H 3 cm

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