Oral history - MASON Colleen; 21-25


Oral history - MASON Colleen

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MASON Colleen Tape 1 Side 1
Date: 17 November 2008

00.00 Introduction. COLLEEN is descendant of JAMES and CATHERINE LOGUE of TE ARAI, MANGAWHAI.
00.25 Subject discussion on MANGAWHAI.
01.00 HOLIDAYS at HEADS. Beach prisitine. Rented house from WINTLE family. Preparation of warm clothes, biscuits and colouring books, cards and crayons for wet days.
01.45 House very basic with KAPOK MATTRESSES and IRON BEDSTEADS. STOOLS around KAURI TABLE. COCKLE gathering with bucket before breakfast. Father helped carry back.
02.30 FISHING with lines on stick. BAIT of PIPIS. Method of fish cooked in salt water.
03.15 Neighbours were VERNONS? and YATES. VERNONS arrived in car made from tractor. Gear carried uphill through ti tree to small BACH. YATES stayed in BACH on foreshore in BACH belonging to WOODS family.
03.55 Walks up coast gathering shells and fishing. Description of shells. Safe for children. Fun meeting same families. Evening GAMES described. HIDE AND SEEK and cards.
05.00 SUNDAYS had CHURCH SERVICE in house that LOTTIE POWELL rented. Grape juice used for COMMUNION SERVICE. Readings, hymns and prayer followed by communion. Joined by ALF BROWN family from TARA or the HILL family.
05.40 Memories of 1939 to 1949, when COLLEEN was age three to thirteen.
05.55 Travel by CAR. Car cleaned before holiday.
06.30 WINTLE’S BACH reached by car across beach or walked across narrow bridge. KINGFISH seen, discussion on how to catch them.
07.35 CONDENSED MILK only milk available. Father gave money to buy own supplies. Small shop opened by ROWAN WALTON? in holidays.
08.45 POWDERED MILK also available. Also walked with cousin to CULLEN’s for MILK. Road did not exist to coast. Track made and used by cattle. Description of tracks.
09.40 SCOWS? coming in to river. (sound unclear). Loading with wheelbarrows.
10.25 Memory of visits to Mr BENNET through path up garden. Mr BENNET deaf, had to shout into his ears. Asked for guavas or tamarilos from orchard.
11.38 Mr BENNET owned many cats. Description.
12.40 Memory of Mrs WHARFE and Mrs JACKSON at caravan park. (sound unclear, muffled)
14.15 Description of elderly DALMATIAN man, Mr MIKHAILOVICH?
15.15 WINTLE ROAD, Mrs JAMES and Mr WOLF lived on corner.
15.30 Memory of AUNTY LOTTIE, mother’s eldest sister. Husband died young, left with two sons. Good cook, communicator, good story teller. Maiden name was UNDERWOOD.
16.45 More residents of WINTLE ROAD, LESLIE. MCLEANs had holiday home. JACKSONs, CARTER on opposite side. JIM WINTLE and JACKSON had store there.
17.45 River activities. SWIMMING and FISHING.
18.40 Story of family from KATIKATI. Mr TETLEY with two sons, BRIAN TETLEY and ?.
19.30 HOLIDAY groups same every year.
19.55 ADA? and BERTHA FRANCIS lived permanently in house. BERTHA FRANCIS sang in concerts. They had daughter, good at rowing DIGHY, father was FISHERMAN.
20.40 AUNTY LOTTIE organised CONCERT, all participated.
21.10 BOXING DAY met KING family for PICNICS.
22.10 BOAT SHED at HEADS memories, shells and fishing. Mother’s little finger damaged by fishing line.
23.50 BILL LOGUE, COLLEEN’S FATHER. Stayed at TE ARAI BEACH with aunt and uncle JACK YATES when a child. Taught to SWIM. JACK YATES story of SQUID.
24.50 LOGUE story about MANGAWHAI HOTEL about GREAT AUNT SUSANNAH, eldest of LOGUE children. Died of TUBERCULOSIS. Stayed with sister MOLLY who lived in MANGAWHAI HOTEL.
25.30 MOLLY and other sister went to AUCKLAND, too rough to come back over the BAR, stayed for night. MRS BROWN stayed with SUSANNAH LOGUE, died that day, left message for sister.
26.40 ELLEN LOGUE story. Died age 22 from TUBERCULOSIS. Sang at COLLEEN”S GRANDPARENT’S wedding. ELLEN LOGUE sent to live with COLLEEN’S GRANDPARENTS at YATE’S house on SILVER HILL ROAD after TB diagnosed.
27.25 WALTER TREADWELL was boyfriend. He was BUSHMAN. Sat with ELLEN (LOGUE) when she died. WALTER (TREADWELL) also died young.

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