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Family History - Wood Family

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Robert Wood b 1857 d 1850 and Jessie Wood, nee Summers b 1863 d 1936 arrived in Mangawhia Village in 1887.
They lived with their family on Moir Street, Mangawhai Village. Their son Albert Wood married Thelma Nora Wood, nee Harrison b 1899 d 1992.

This collection of family history include....

A copy of a certificate with the title 'Certificate of Title under the Land Transfer Act. Dated 14th Oct 1936. Granted to Thelma Nora Wood of Mangawhai.

A research book owned by Thelma Nora Wood of Mangawhai Village. It is a 1B Oylmpic Exercise Book that has hand-written notes and newspaper articles.
Subjects include notes from books read by Thelma - ' Gaels Fare Forth, 'Land Deeds of the North Island' by H H Turton, Vol 2, 1877-1878, 'Maori Wars- 1910, by Percy Smith, 'Story of Northland - 1956' by A H Reed, 'Roadless North' 1840, by Felton Mathews, Herald Supplement regarding Kauri Gum, Jan 22nd 1940, Tales of Pioneer Women which includes notes on 'The Flour Train' and memoirs from a local lady into cultivation during 1862 -1864, C. Orbell's description of early house construction, Mangawhai Centenary 1955, transportaion and roading, Chronological list of dates regarding events around Mangawhai by Mrs Mathews. Also includes names of Police, Captains, Doctors, Midwives, Post Officials, Mail Carriers, Hotel owners, Garage owners, Early European settlers of the Mangawhai area, and Shipping of the Mangawhai District.

There are 4 original typed pages with the title of 'Memories from 1921', written by Thelma Wood. Thelma writes about life in Mangawhai with information on tennis courts, transportation, roading, social events, Cashmore's Mill, Hotel, Boarding Houses',kauri gum, Bake House, garage, police, saddler, carpenter.

Finally there are two original newspaper articles regarding Thelma Wood celebrating her birthday of 90 Years ( published 18th May 1989) and 93 years of age (published 1982) and a Mangawhai Memo article with the title 'A tribute to Mrs Thelma Wood'. Date 1992.

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