Family Memorabilia - Wharfe Family; 20-95


Family Memorabilia - Wharfe Family

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A collection of items from the Wharfe Family of the Tara, Mangawai, and Bream Tail, Mangawai.

The Collection includes...

An agricultural book with the title of 'The American Agriculturist. Vol 41. Published 1882.
Inscribed on inside front cover 'John Wharfe, Tara, Mangawai' John Wharfe was b 1838 d 1928.
The original book is in excellent condition.

Original letters from Hunter and Nolan who were Stock and Station salesmen. They are requesting information from John Wharfe for an impending prosecution.
Dated 12th February 1894.

Booklet that contains copied general information regarding the Wharfe Family that includes invoice's, certificate's, ticket's, new paper article regarding the Francis Family.

Cards and Certificates and an original School Text book with the title of 'Geography and Atlas' published in 1870. Written inside the front cover of this book is ' Alfred John Wharfe, North Albertland, New Zealand.'

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