Memoirs and Letters - Alex Watts; 20-11


Memoirs and Letters - Alex Watts

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A collection of letters and memoirs written by Alexander Watts, known as Alex, to Mrs Thelma Woods, Mangawhai Historical Society. Dated from 19th October to 25th April 1971.
Thelma had written to Alex requesting information of the Mangawhai area shortly after the Mangawhai Historical Society was formed in the the 1970's.
The information includes.....

Original handwritten memoirs that were written by Alexander Watts, known as Alex, as requested by Mrs Woods (Thelma) of Mangawhai Historical Society. Dated early 1880's onwards to approximately 1920

Subjects include gumfields on the Black Swamp and Coal Hill area of Mangawhai, Government Works Scheme 1914 to 192, scows, Captain Olsen, Mr McLennan's mail run from Mangawhai to Kaiwaka, the anchor at 'The Moorings' (the anchor is now at Mangawhai Museum), traction engines, blacksmith and saddler at Mangawhai Village, pohutukawa tree on the large sand dune, rowing to school, health, stores, boatbuilding from 1861 to 1894 in Mangawhai of which some of the information source came from 'Out of Auckland' Author - C W Hawkins.

There is also memoirs written by Alexander Watts, regarding shipbuilding in Mangawhai 1861 to 1894. NOTE SOME INFORMATION NEEDS TO BE VERIFIED. IT MAY BE INCORRECT.

The information regarding the Mangawhai Government Works Scheme was written originally in the 1930's by Alex, before he forgot what went on after the scheme closed down.

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