Writings - George Beaumont Hogan; 19-121


Writings - George Beaumont Hogan

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A collection of historical stories, research notes, poems, and a letter have been written by George Beaumont Hogan, known as Beaumont or Beau, b 1896 d 1984 of Mangawhai. A framed copy of this Treaty is found at eHive number 35.

Note: Further research may be required for verification of information.

The letter is written to Gertrude Valvoi, nee Olsen and is from Audrey and Beaumont Hogan. Dated 1960. The contents regard information on shipping and shipbuilding in Mangawhai 1861 - 1894.

The historical stories are from a talk by Beaumont Hogan, to the Mangawhai Historical Society on 29/8/1980. The topic was "General History of Mangawhai". 4 pages.
There is an Oral History digital copy in the Mangawhai Museum Collection.
There are several short stories. The headings include
-"Epitaph to the pioneers of Mangawhai. 1970"
- Excerpts from a sound track of a documentary film called" Historic Mangawhai ". Written, photographed and produced by Beaumont Hogan. 2 pages.
- "How Mangawhai was named" ,
- "The Wreck of the Ruby steamer on the Mangawhai Bar" 1 page,
- "The Saga of Historic Manga Te Whai. It's aura for tradition and history 1350 - 1954" which includes an item on Chapter - Mc Guiness chair. 2 pages.
- Notes of 1839 - William Carruth. 1 page.
- Notes of Mangawhai - Wilson, Turton and Eyres. 1 page.

"The Treaty of Mangawhai 1854". Written by Beaumont Hogan. Contains one copy of original treaty and 7 pages of information relating to tribal lands and iwi signatories to Crown land purchase's. Verification of information is required.

There are research notes. Written by Beaumont Hogan. 6 pages. Relates to Crown Land purchases's by early settlers in Mangawhai 1858 to 1864.

Finally there are 2 poems that are titled, "Stumps" written circa 1900 and " Mangawhai River" 1906. Authors unknown.

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