Accessories, typewriter; CT77.59b-p


Accessories, typewriter

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Typewriter accessories; a small collection of typewriter accessories used with a r typewriter manufactured by Blickensderfer Typewriter Co. The collection includes an oil can, spare typeface cylinder, three glass vials, a cleaning brush, tweezers, three key caps, a pencil and a cardboard box with removable lid.

The typewriter [CT77.59a] was owned and used by Mr James Bryant, Headmaster of the first Owaka School from 1884-1909. Mr Bryant found on his arrival that the school had two large rooms, a playshed and a small, unlevel playground. In his first year the roll was 84, this built up to 124. For 25 years Bryant was also Registrar of Births, Deaths and Marriages - an unpaid job, though he was permitted to retain the fees for marriage certificates. He retired at the end of 1909, aged 60, to a farm where one of his sons had built a six-roomed house. No doubt he enjoyed his freedom, as he had previously complained that his spare time, boat and horse always seemed to be at the disposal of the public. [from A R Tyrell's Catlins Pioneering 2001].

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processed material, metal
processed material, glass
processed material, paper, cardboard



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From the collection of Owaka Museum Wahi Kahuika The Meeting Place "a rest on your journey"

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