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Postcards c1910-1919

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Postcards, c1910-1919. A collection of postcards sent and received by friends and members of the Miller and Harrington families, includes postcards sent to and received from Andrew Miller while he was on active duty and recovering from wounds during WWI.

The cards include scenes from New Zealand, England, Panama Canal, South Africa and souvenir postcards from France. Also included are photographic postcards depicting a group of New Zealand soldiers in camp, wounded soldiers in 'Ward 6' on Christmas Day, 1916, Reinforcement Camp, Trentham, 1915, and the Owaka No. 59 Lodge IOOF Roll of Honour, 1914-1918. Some cards have messages written on the back. There is also a group of cards sent from Edith Childs ("Egyptian Maid") to "Grethel" with mention of "D.L.F" [Dots Little Folk].

Wedding invitation from Mrs Milner to Mr & Mrs A Miller on the occasion of the marriage of Rosa Milner to Mr G W Kirby.

ACCESSION NUMBER:2010.429.10.1
Transcription of text on reverse:

Ratanui May 10th [18th?] 1910
Dear Andy
Just a PC in answer to your
welcome letter I received yesterday. I hope your
cold is better colds seem to be a general thing
here all the kidies have a horrible bark.
they are coughing the whole night long. We
are having very unsettled weather I suppose
that is the cause of it. Dad came home today
after a weeks holiday he looks more
the better for it either he was at the
trots backing a few dead ones I think
by the number of tickets he brought home
he looks fair peaked out, he went straight
to bed today after he came home.
We are going to hold the quadrills once a fortnight
In Ratanui this winter I only got the one in the
school plenty too; the others are too far away
and the roads are cutting up something awful.
Annie Williamson came home yesterday for
a ride. I have found out where she went to
she is out at Hunts road looking after her
sister Kate for the next two months.
She was asking after you and told me to
remind you of the candle grease. She is no
more refined than she used to be. she is worse
I think. I told Harry about his long letter he
wrote you. The Joker is sold I did not have
a ride on him, so what do you think of that. The
Boss must have made a mistake again.
I must close hoping this finds your cold
[text has been cut off at this point illegible]

ACCESSION NUMBER:2010.429.10.2
Transcription of text on reverse:

Box 15
8th June 1912
To “Pixie II” DLF
Dear Comrade
Many thanks
For your P.C, I was greatly pleased
to hear from you. I have always
taken a great interest in your
letters to the Page. I carry on an
extensive correspondence with the D.L.F.
and would like to count you as one
of my correspondents, if you would care
to correspond with me. I enclose my
auto, and shall be pleased to receive yours
sometime in the near future. Have you many
P.Cs.? I have about 700 or so, but have
only been collecting about 18 months. I have
about 86 autos, but have only collected them for
about a year. Well as space is limited I shall
Very Best Wishes from Portree

ACCESSION NUMBER:2010.429.10.3
Transcription of text on reverse:

Dear Andy
Just a P.C to let you see
We are thinking of you here.
I am wondering if you have
run against Don by this time.
We have lost Mr Milne &
are all very sorry as he was
so well liked by everyone.
weseen by the paper that
the Rifle Brigade have been
having another go with the
natives again. I do wish
the war was over & that
you were all home again
Harold. Jimmy &Roddy are
all in the 14th in camp at
Trentham. We do miss the
boys very much. I expect
Jim has landed by this time.
George McKechnie[?] was sorry
he did not see you at Albany.
the only one he seen was
Rhys Fleming although he
heard Jim Allan & you were
with kind regards.
From Mrs McDonald

ACCESSION NUMBER:2010.429.10.4
Transcription of text on reverse:

On Active Service
July 2st 1916
Dear Ethie
Just a PC to let
you know I am still amongst
the living I suppose you will
be thinking I have forgotten you
altogether but you see that it
not the case well we are having
a rosy time of it so far we have
had a very pleasant trip we
have had an awful lot of
sicknessabord but are still going
strong we are here [....?] This card
is from [illegible]
I remain with kindest
regards to all Frankx

ACCESSION NUMBER:2010.429.10.5
Transcription of text on reverse:

From little
Dear Andy
Just a P.C to let you know
we are all well & kicking. we all
sincerely trust that you are
still getting along alright. I
got your last field card all serene
& am looking forward to a letter from
you. Good bye old chap. with kindest
regards from all Jim

ACCESSION NUMBER:2010.429.10.6
Transcription of text on reverse:

Dear Andy
Recieved your
P.Card alright, glad to hear
you are doing well.
Tuatapere is very quiet
at present. Nothing doing
cant even get a girl.
But are living in hope
of beating you for use
if you don’t be careful.
Hope to see you at [?]
Sports. Are you putting
in much crop this year
and how many ton of spuds
are you expecting to the acre
next year
Kind regards

ACCESSION NUMBER:2010.429.10.7
Transcription of text on reverse:

Dear Andy
Just a card Wishing
you a Happy New Year hoping this
finds you in good health and
quite recovered from wounds.
I wish you were coming home for
Christmas wouldnt it be lovely
I hope you will think of us all
When you are eating your dinner
I will eat some for you: I sent
George Page a card today he
is lucky don’t you think to have
been a long time fighting now
Well Andy I must stop so Good Bye
I am your sincere friend Alice xx

ACCESSION NUMBER:2010.429.10.8
Transcription of text on reverse:

To Pte A Miller
From Mr Mrs
R.A. Stanners
wishingyou Health
and Happiness
Christmas 1916

ACCESSION NUMBER:2010.429.10.9
Transcription of text on reverse:

Dear Andy
I received your last three letters
all serene & had replied to the first
two& was going to post when I noticed
by the Times that you were returning.
Well old chap if you could manage to
come up for Easter, we would be delighted
to see you & it would suit or fit in
much better than any other time. If
this does not suit your plans come at
any time for you well
know you are welcome at any time.
However let us know when you can
Your old friend J Mathison

ACCESSION NUMBER:2010.429.10.10
Transcription of text on reverse:

Dear Andy, I received your
welcome P.C yesterday. I am
answering it today to let you
see that I haven’t forgotten
you. Jim Allen went
back on Friday. He
got a wristlet watch
& a pipe. Have you
dropped across Frank Henry
yet. Dave Wright is still in
the hospital yet. We
had two letters from
Don last week. He seems
to have had a good voyage.
It will be a bit of an
experience sleeping out in the
paddock. Well Andy I don’t
know whether you will be
able to read this or not.
I must stop. Hoping you have
a Merry Xmas. Kind regards from

ACCESSION NUMBER:2010.429.10.11
Transcription of text on reverse:

Dear Andy
I received your long looked for
letter to day whether it was you that wrote
it or not remains a mystery but I
hardly think it can be any one else
when I read it. Some of the kids got
the letter yesterday and put it under
my pillow and I did not get it until
today. It had the stamp taken off
so I could not see the Post Office name
at all. None of them will own up to it.
I am going to the Store to night to find out
who got the mail and to Post this Card.
The Lord help the one who is telling the fib.
I think it looks like Miro’s work, it
Is a dirty trick anyway who ever it was.
I feel jolly upset over it only a letter
that is of no importance to anyone but
myself. It is nearly dard[sp.] I can hardly
see to write I will close hoping this finds
you enjoying good health as it leaves
everyone here I will write a letter
soon. I cannot write to tell you the news
till I cool down a little
I remain your loving xxxx

ACCESSION NUMBER:2010.429.10.12
Transcription of text on reverse:

Dear Andy,
Just a
P.C to let you know
that we haven’t quite
forgotten you. I hope
your foot will be doing
a bit better by this
time, but you will be
having a better time
where you are than
if you were in the
trenches. We got the
things you sent from
Egypt, they were very
nice. It was very good
of you to send them. Molly
was awfully pleased about
her brooch. It is a wonder
you got no letter saying we
had got it all right. I will
try& write next mail. Am
sending a pair of socks & ½ lb
tobacco now. Hoping you will
soon be all right, with love [Janet]

ACCESSION NUMBER:2010.429.10.13
Transcription of text on reverse:

Dear Andy I received
your welcome letter tonight
glad to hear you are
well. I am going over to
Waiwera to meet the
old-maid tonight she
went to Balclutha for a
run to get her teeth
fixed up. So I am
writing you a P.C. I will
write a letter later>
I have not heard from
home yet. They must
have forgotten me
or they could not have
got my letter I must
close with best Love



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From the collection of Owaka Museum Wahi Kahuika, The Meeting Place "a rest on your journey".

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