Pan, cream; [?]; [?]; 2010.410


Pan, cream

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Cream pan; a large, shallow pan with pouring lip. The top edge is rolled and the base is welded onto the sides.
The pan belonged to Roy Campbell Abernethy, who used it in bee-keeping. It is unknown exactly how Roy used the pan, but some beekeepers fill a shallow pan with water and pebbles for bees to use in cooling down their hives on hot days, or a pan can be used in the recovery of beeswax from old combs and hive scrapings.
This type of pan is traditionally used in the process of skimming cream from fresh milk.



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Medium and Materials

processed material, metal.


h 130mm x di 500mm

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animal culture, cattle, dairy processing. dairy products

Subject and Association Keywords

agriculture, animal culture, bee culture

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From the collection of Owaka Museum Wahi Kahuika The Meeting Place "a rest on your journey".

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