Newspaper clipping, photographic print, 75th Commemorative Anniversary of the Ma...


Newspaper clipping, photographic print, 75th Commemorative Anniversary of the Manuka Shipwreck, 16th December 1929

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75th Commemorative Anniversary of the Manuka Shipwreck, 16th December 1929 and the unveiling of plaques commemorating the wrecks and the 'Manuka' and 'Bessie';

Recollections by Jean Hudson a 5 yr old child on the 'Manuka'.
Letter from Mrs Holgate to Kitty Maginness.
Newspaper clippings.
An excerpt from 'A Corner of Catlins', by Hilda Stott.
'Back over the years to the 'Manuka'', by G Chapman Cohen.
Transcription of letter from passenger, William Stanway, to his daughter and grandchildren after surviving the shipwreck.
Programme for the Unveiling of Wreck Plaques ('Manuka' and 'Bessie') 1 January 2005, Catlins Historical Society Inc.
Story of Captain Hayward and the sinking of the 'Bessie'.
In memory of Captain Hayward and his family.
Baptismal certificate and newspaper clipping regarding the birth of Lawrence James Barr on the 'Manuka'.
Poems on the wreck of the 'Manuka' by Harry Law and W Wells.

Charles Wheeler, artist and Director of Melbourne Art Gallery School, Colin Wheeler, Jean Hudson, Thomas Maginness, Marie Clark (nee Amos), Harold Amos, Alfred Laker, Tony Laker, Alfred Laker Snr, Audrie Leslie, Joyce Whiteside, Charles Hayward, Frank Hayward, Andrew Hayward, William Wilson, Ray Bransgrove, Gene Carty, Judith Thomas, Bill Hayward, Albert McTainsh, Don Jenks, Kevin Thompson, Ted Hannan, R H Burns, Archie Howard, William (Bill) Thompson, Charlie Barwell, Lieutenant Smith, Jack Bigwood, J D Calder, Mrs J R Hudson, Jean Hudson, Marjory Hudson, Frank Duncan, Robert & Agnes Wilson, William Wilson, Betty Miller (nee Smith), Annie Thompson, Duncan Smith, Garnett Meatyard, Margaret Holden, Jean & Alexander (Sandy) Rae, Mr E S Wilson, Mr J H Gilbert, Mr Wyrley Birch, Mr V O'Fee, Miss Leona Hogarth, Leonard Doyle, Max Holgate, Mr H D Colgrave, Mrs Robert Findlater, Joe Smith, Mr E Murray Fuller, David Tucker, James (Jim) White, Dave (Dave) Pullar, Sandy Shanks, Joe Smith, Charles Hay, Jim Stevens, Harry Miller.

American Comedy Company, O'Brien's Revue Company Old Time Vaudeville Show, whippet dogs, 'Miss Doreen', white cockatoo, 'Blythewood', Coffee Palace, Miss Sheddon's Store, 'The Family Upstairs', stowaways, Customs Officer, paintings, school rulers, Wilson & Jeffrey Co Ltd, celluloid parachute dolls, carved mahogany dinner gong.

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Oceania, New Zealand, South Island, The Catlins

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processed material, paper;
processed material, synthetic, plastic



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genealogy, personal and family names

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transportation and communications, shipping

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