Genealogical document, Faddes Family of Maclennan, History; 2010.140


Genealogical document, Faddes Family of Maclennan, History

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Faddes Family of Maclennan, history, the story of John (Jock) Faddes, Bob Faddes and Robbie Faddes; Jock Robb, Charleston, Davis, Dewe, Jack Dickie, Ken Finlayson, Forbes, 'Old' Jack Griffin, 'Young' Jack Griffin, Bill Gutsell, Bill Hay, Ted Hayes, Gordon Hayes, Robert Heslop, Tony Junge, Latta, William Lawson coach driver, Norman Leach, Jim Leckie, Les Lockerbie, Bob Lumsden, Peter Lumsden, Claude Martin, William Martin, Arthur Francis Marychurch, Clarence McKay, Ellen Murdoch, Alfred Peterson, Sandy Pullar, Thomas Burton Purves, Rae, Jimmy Riddell Robb, Dorothy Smith, Ernie Smythe, Lindsay Stuart, Syd Webster, John Whitson, Ellen Hamlyn, Agnes Hamlyn, Margaret (Peg) Faddes, Janet (Jen) Faddes, Seline (Lena) Faddes, Lydia Faddes, Rimu Ellen Faddes, Mary Faddes, Tui Faddes, Robert Charles Faddes, Agnes Hamlyn Faddes, Nettie Elizabeth Faddes, James Davis, Henry Glasson Charleston, Dr Stenhouse, Yorston, Frank Latta, Jim Latta, Russell Faddes, Robin Rae,

Shag Point Coal Mine, Rimu Block XV, Section 11, MacLennan, Gwyn's Mill, Tahakopa School, Kahuika School, Maclennan School, NZR, refreshment room, MacLennan Sawmilling Co, O'Connell, taxidermist, White's Mill, Barry's Bay Cheese Factory, influenza, 'kutapa', Waitane Sawmill Co, Great Fire, Hibbs & Smith's Mill, Run Gate, Harrington's top mill, Manpower Regulations, Barrow Box Co. Timaru, Hogg & Co, blacksmith's shop, Benhar Pottery, coal mine, Rough River Sawmilling Co, Blackball Coalmine, Finegand, Rununga, Dobson Mine, Marshall mill engine, McLaughlin's Mill, Fordson tractor, McCormack Deering tractor,

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processed material, paper;
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agriculture, forestry, exploitation and utilization

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agriculture, forestry, history of forestry. forest conditions

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agriculture, forestry, tools and implements

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genealogy, personal and family names

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prize fighter,
merchant navy,
bush sections,
refreshment rooms,

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From the collection of Owaka Museum Wahi Kahuika, The Meeting Place "a rest on your journey".

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