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Edward Cattlin, 1792 - 1856

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Edward Cattlin, 1792 - 1856; The Catlins region owes its name to Captain Cattlin, a Sydney-based whaling captain who traded along the South Otago coast. In 1840 Captain Cattlin bought a vast tract of land from local Maori in order to stake his claim on the area, however, after years of negotiation, most of the purchase was disallowed.

Reference for Cattlin, Edward, Journals 1827 - 1836 held in the Mitchell Library, Sydney and Alexander Turnbull Library, Wellington, provided by Jocelyn Chisholm.

Names of ships, copies of death certificates for Edward Cattlin and Catherine Cattlin.

Ships: John Bull, Alfred, Australian, Byron, Genii, Alexander Henry, Skerne, Marth, Success.

Transcription of last will and testament of Edward Cattlin (extracted from Society of Australian Genealogists Microfilm by Perry McIntyre).

Amelia Lenehan, William Lenehan, Edward William Cattlin, William Webb, 23 Wolloomooloo Street Sydney, Princes Street Sydney, Joseph Pettingell, Mr Bettington, John Lewes Cattlin, George Street Redfern, Bernard kennedy, O'Connell Town, John Webster, James Hart Solicitory Sydney, James Chambers Publican, Robert Shaddick Shoemaker.

Copy of article from Clutha Leader 25.01.95 re research by Jocelyn Chisolm, Captain W D Brind, whaling, whaler, Captain Cattlin Towards New Zealand, 'John Bull', Mr Arnold, John Bell Thomson, Katherine Burgess.

Extract from 'A Corner of Catlins', by Hilda Stott, 1991.

Extract from 'Catlins Pioneering', by A R Tyrrell, 1989.

Extract from 'Stepping Out', by Evelyn M McLay, 1977.

Extract from 'A History of Otago', by Erik Olssen, 1984.

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From the collection of Owaka Museum Wahi Kahuika, The Meeting Place "a rest on your journey".

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