Genealogical document, Whalers & Explorers and Early Land Claims; 2010.124


Genealogical document, Whalers & Explorers and Early Land Claims

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Explorers and Whalers and Early Land Claims, excerpts from 'Pioneering in South Otago by Hon. F Waite. Tuawaiki, Makariri. Hay's Run by Carolyn Deverson (printed in The Clutha Leader 07.04.05), George Hay, James Brugh, The Wisp, William Hay, Jackman, Inness Burgess, Gerald Burgess, Jeffrey Burgess, Hillyrig, Dave Fraser, Rex Harris, Norman Cherry. South Otago Stations, excerpts from 'Southern Runs' by James Herries Beattie.

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processed material, paper;
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fisheries, whaling

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geography, history of discoveries, explorations, and travel

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land use, land tenure, large holdings

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genealogy, personal and family names

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From the collection of Owaka Museum Wahi Kahuika, The Meeting Place "a rest on your journey".

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