Newspaper clippings, stories on The Catlins from the Clutha Leader, Bush News.; ...


Newspaper clippings, stories on The Catlins from the Clutha Leader, Bush News.

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Stories on The Catlins from the Clutha Leader, Bush News; transcripts of newspaper articles c1960s-1970s, containing reminiscences, experiences and events in The Catlins.

'Sawmill Town Site Deserted' (Chaslands), Fletcher's Sawmill;

'A Pioneer Recalls Early Settlement of Catlins' (Mr Stuart White), Mrs Rae, Mr Jack MacLennan, the Stuarts, Dabinett & Young;

'"Old Boy" Recalls Early Days in The Catlins' (Mr H S King), "Bert", Mrs Harris formerly Elsie Richardson, Rev. Edward (Ted) King, Mrs Wilson, Paddy Dolan, Mr & Mrs Lawson, Caberfiedh, Mr Clark, Mr Q S D King;

'MacLennan Family's names Perpetuated at Tahakopa', Maryburn Stream, Mary and Murdock MacLennan, Tahakopa Run, Jock's peak, Kenneth peak, Annie's peak, Florence Creek, Isa Creek;

'A Pioneer Recalls Early Settlement of Catlins' (Mrs Jean Rae), Maryburn, Mr Stuart, Jean Stuart, Mr Adams, Faddes, Robb, Johnston, McCullough, Shag Point Block, Mr Dudley, Jerry Callaghan, Scott's Boarding House, Mr Dave Harris, Kahuika School;

'Tributes paid to Oldest Resident in Tahakopa' (Mrs G Hayes Snr), Mrs Jane Tough, Eade's band, Jim Peterson, George Hayes, Les Dewe, Mrs D Stott, Mrs G MacLennan, Mrs Jim Ross, Ian Harris, Jack Griffin;

'Pioneer Settler - Death of Mrs Mary Williamson', Mrs Isabella Harrison, Mrs Catherine Loughton, Mrs Agnes Hutton, Mrs Margaret Anderson, Mrs Mary Sheed, Mr R C Williamson, Mr James Williamson, William Williamson;

'Owaka Woman Looks Back on Early Catlins Days' (Mrs Audrey Chalmers), midwives, nurses, Mrs Dewar, Mrs Wilson, Audrey Leal, Miss Louden, Mr White, Frank Chalmers, Charlie Chalmers;

'Disastrous Bush Fires of 1935 Recalled', Part 1 (M Y Bennet),Tahakopa Valley, Glenomaru, Mr Les Dewe, Hogg's Mill, Kahuika, MacLennan, White's Sawmill, Ballantynes Sawmill, Norman Dewe, Peter McSkimming, Mrs Dave Harris, Jimmy Reid's Hill, Mr & Mrs Kenny Ross;

'Disastrous Bush Fires of 1935 Recalled', Part 2 (M Y Bennet), Mrs W Miller, John Ross, Mrs Ross, Clem Wilson, Puketiro Hill, Tawanui Valley, Wilson and Tyson's Mill, Gray and Carruthers, Mrs Coutt, Thompson's Ford Mr E H J Wilson;

''Granny' Galbreath 87 Still Going Strong' - Parts 1 & 2, James Harris, Dabinett & Young, Florie Smith, Wakatipu, Shag Point Block, Kahuika School, Frank Murphy, Jim Hollows, Archie Galbreath, Dunlops, Mr Brown, Olive Creek Jersey Stud, Myra Meadows Paddy, Billie Lawson Mrs Scott, Mollisons, Brown Ewings, Charlie Grass, Russian Charlie, Mr Pauling, Mr Axelson, Frank Dewar, Gideon Scott, McLoughlin, Wright, Watson, Hurring, Brownlie's Garage, Caddon Road, Billie Pullar, Mrs George Herron;

'A Chasland Pioneer Looks Back' (Mrs Agnes Shanks), Doric, Heathfield, Chaslands, Andrew Chesney, Mr Harrison, Mr Appleby, Stuart Shanks, Mr E Lockerbie, Mrs Don Jenks;

'Parson Needed Stamina - and a Good Horse', Mr Bert King, Mr William Miller, Mr & Mrs Peak, Mrs Scott, Mr Danny Morgan, Mr Harkness, Bob Buchanan, Rev. Stewart, C Martin Snr, Our Hut, Mr Hayes;

'Boom Years for Catlins Rail', Stationmaster, A W Miller, Owaka Dairy Factory, Adam Pateson, Canoe butter, Mr A D Angus, The South Otago Freezing Company, sawmills, Legget & Campbell, Stuart Bros, Maclennan Sawmilling Company, Clutha Timber Company, Hogg & Company, Tawanui Sawmilling Company, A Sharpe, Moncur & Tobin, Goss & Company, Parae, Latta Bros, MacGinness, Thompson, Sheddon, ABC Stores, Andy Turnbull, H A Brough, Coffee Palace, Ford, Cecil Alloo, Dave Finlayson, Lochindorb Station, W Allen, Dr. Stenhouse, Bonisc, Wirth's Circus;

'The History of the Present Roads in Owaka', Herbert Bryant, C W Adams, John Reayand, McDonalds Saddle, Saunders, Esler, Hayward, Lees, R Miller, McCallum, McIntyre, Latta;

'Pioneer Recalls Tahakopa in the Early Days' (Mrs Mary Ross), Auckland, John and Mary Dunlop, Keith, Mary Muldrew, Wylie, Punchbowl, Galbreath, Mrs Adams, Dabinett & Young, Sir Truby King, Railhead, Dr Fleming, Mrs Arthur Stoddart, Davie Fea, Neale, Lory, Gideon Scott, Chief Government surveyor, C W Adams, Skey, Russell Harris, Kinghorn Ross, E J Smyth, Keith, Charlie Adams;

'Owaka Reminiscences' (Alice J Wyber), Pilot Station, Kakanui, Big Mill, Peter Miller, The Heads, Captain Hayward, Bessie, W. Wilson, Frank Hayward, Andrew Hayward, Jimmy Vial, Jerry Callaham, Bill Lawson;

'If I Could Talk My Thoughts Would Say' - poem by 'one who understands';

'History of Mr Robert (Bob)White';

'An Oasis of Calm - The Charm of Pounawea' (W. M Campbell);

Transcription of letter written by Mrs Doris Littler of Glenomauru, at the time of The 'Great Fire' October 1935. Map with locations of houses near Glenomaru c1935.


The Clutha Leader

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Oceania, New Zealand, South Island, Clutha-Central Otago, Balclutha

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From the collection of Owaka Museum Wahi Kahuika, The Meeting Place "a rest on your journey".

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