Grid- marker pegs, archaeological surveying equipment; 2013.8.2


Grid- marker pegs, archaeological surveying equipment

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Archaeological survey grid- marker pegs; 13 short, wooden battens with red-painted sections at top end. There is also a length of white cotton string binding the pegs together into groups. The surveying marker pegs were used by Les Lockerbie who was the original owner.

On an archaeological excavation, once the ground is cleared it is laid out in grids to assist identification and recording. This involves pegging out squares and running string lines to form digging areas with one-metre baulks between them. Although the equipment is simple, the work involves careful measuring in three dimensions.

The markers were used by Les Lockerbie. Les Lockerbie lived his entire life in Otago. He was born in Winton in 1911 and died in Dunedin in 1996. Les’s interest in archaeology began when the family moved to Maclennan in the Catlins to run the local store. At high school age Les began exploring the early Maori sites in the vicinity, especially those at Papatowai and King’s Rock. This was the beginning of a life long interest and study in the early Polynesian inhabitants of the South Otago coast.

Les was a recognised pioneer in excavation methods and carbon 14 dating. He was meticulous in recording and mapping sites and as a result published results of his work in numerous scientific journals. He was a primary school teacher and later became Education Officer at the Otago Museum (1947-1976). This position made him a staff member of the Dunedin Teachers College and for many years he involved College students in archaeological excavations on the Manuka Point island site of Pounawea.

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organic, vegetal, wood
processed material, paint
processed material, cotton


h 20mm x l 288mm x w 20mm

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From the collection of Owaka Museum Wahi Kahuika The Meeting Place "a rest on your journey"

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